We are happily handling an increasing number of pharmacovigilance responsibilities for our clients in a complex pharmacovigilance environment. Our team of pharmacovigilance experts is now organised in three different fields – Human Accounts, Veterinary Accounts, and Major Accounts each with their own specialised QPPV supported by their deputy QPPVs. 

In February Laura Sparving was appointed QPPV for our Human Accounts. Laura has been with us for 5 years now as Pharmacovigilance Manager. With more than 10 years’ experience within her field Laura is specialised in preparation and maintenance of PSUR and RMP, and also due diligence of medicinal product acquisitions.

We are tremendously pleased to be able to offer our clients the expertise, professionalism, and comprehensive knowledge that Laura and her colleagues bring to Billev Pharma.   

You can read more about Laura’s qualifications and our pharmacovigilance team here: http://billevpharma.dk/about-2/staff/

Simple solutions in a complex PV environment

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