Lone Pallesen

B.Sc. Ing. in Chemistry, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Lone Pallesen holds a B.Sc. Ing. in chemistry and a Diploma in Regulatory Affairs from Medicademy. Lone has been with Billev Pharma since May 2021 working as a Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Lone's experience covers:

  • - More than 20 years of experience within the regulatory environment with pharmaceuticals, natural remedies and food supplements.
  • - Wide experience from working with small molecules and biologics at small and medium sized enterprises, headquarters and affiliates.
  • - Specialised with global quality/CMC requirements for registration, life cycle management and drug development of pharmaceuticals.
  • - Writing and review of regulatory quality/CMC documents.
  • - Wide experience with ASMF, variations, tech transfers, global regulatory strategies, DCPs and authority interactions.
Lone Pallesen