Lisbeth Bonde Jensen

M.Sc.Pharm., Senior Pharmacovigilance Manager

Lisbeth Bonde Jensen is M.Sc. Pharmacy and has a Pg. Diploma in Pharmacovigilance. She has been with Billev Pharma since April 2016 and works primarily with pharmacovigilance. She has more than 10 years of experience in pharmacovigilance from the pharmaceutical industry, originator products as well as generics. She also has several years of experience from the GMP area with manufacturing and QA. Lisbeth holds the position as Senior Pharmacovigilance Manager & QPPV – major accounts. 

  • - Experience with PV for clinical trials and post-marketing.
  • - Experience with Quality Management System for pharmacovigilance in HQ and affiliates.
  • - Experience with PV audits and inspections.
  • - Trained GCP and GVP lead auditor.
  • - Experience as delegated Qualified Person (GMP).
  • - Experience with GMP audits and inspections.
Lisbeth Bonde Jensen