Susanne Thiilborg

Susanne Thiilborg
Ph.D.Pharm., Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager

Susanne Thiilborg is M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Pharmacy and has been with Billev Pharma since February 2019 as Regulatory Affairs Manager. As of January 2020 Susanne will hold the position as Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Susanne’s experience covers:

  • 2o+ years of experience within analytical chemistry for small molecules and drug products including writing and review of regulatory documents for clinical trials, registration and variations at a Global Danish Pharmaceutical Company.
  •  Speaker at several occasions on courses and conferences (e.g. validation of analytical methods, stability)


We are well-equipped to provide regulatory advice, discuss strategy and/or compile the registration dossier. 


We have a team of highly qualified pharmacovigilance employees with expertise in all aspects of pharmacovigilance.


We offer high quality medical & pharmaceutical translations into and from several European languages.

Electronic submission

We are equipped to assist with any type of electronic submission and maintenance of your electronic file.

Special medicines areas

Herbal medicinal products, strong vitamin and mineral products, medicinal gasses, euphoriant substances, etc.

GDP & GMP Services

We offer full time and part time responsible person (RP) function and qualified person (QP) function.

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