Our highly valued colleague Majbritt Eichmeier Hansen has been with us since March 2011 so this year we are celebrating her 10 years anniversary.

Majbritt began her career in Regulatory Affairs, today she specialises in Pharmacovigilance. In 2015 Majbritt was promoted to Head of our Pharmacovigilance team.

In July 2012, when the current Pharmacovigilance legislation came into effect, Majbritt showed an excellent ability to implement legislation in daily practice and thus ensuring compliance for our clients. Today, she is using the same skills when implementing the new Veterinary Medicines Regulation which becomes effective January 2022. Majbritt is QPPV for Billev Pharma’s human and veterinary pharmacovigilance system. Last year Majbritt was qualified as Pharmacovigilance Lead Auditor and she currently performs 5-10 Pharmacovigilance audits per year.

We are lucky to have Majbritt in our team.

10 years anniversary

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